Garage clear out

We recently suffered garage envy, when someone posted a shot on Facebook of their pristine bike cave. A collection of bikes neatly hung from the walls and clear floor space, complete with a professional looking workshop stand. It’s was time to sort out the clutter in our bike store. Ebay is soon going to be [...]

Power of the #tag…birth of MTBMeetup

We had the pleasure to meet Simon Bradley last weekend. Simon is the founder & driving force behind #MTBMeetup. What started out as a nice idea to hook up with a few mates for a ride has rapidly turned into something much bigger than he first anticipated. Thanks to a great base of Twitter followers, [...]

The Tour de France has a lot to answer for

Spotted in Pip’s bedroom…a new message eluding to what could be the beginning of a lifelong passion. Unfazed by winter weather or the hills of the Peaks, she’s just happy to be out at any given opportunity. The weekend routes are now gradually extended and the times to complete decreasing. It is great to have [...]

Lost brew stop

There is nothing better than the thought of a mug of hot tea and a chunk of cake to keep you cranking out the last few miles. We have accumulated a select list of cafés over the years. One in particular, nestled down a track near Flash was always a favourite. Huge slices of the [...]