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Bike Map


A fictional contour map made up of over 700 biking terms and references including the names of iconic bikes (Mountain Cycle San Andreas and the Klein Attitude), famous cycling clubs (Larkspur Canyon Gang), classic races (TransRockies and Megavalanche), must do trails (Porcupine Rim at Moab UTAH) and perfect hangouts (Woodbine Cafe in Hope, Derbyshire).

Product Description

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Bike Map provides a fresh twist on a traditional contour map – a map that recalls the nostalgia of the classic early mountain bikes. Bikes that we drooled over in the late 80’s and onwards but could never afford all set to the art of cartography. A wish list crowdsourced from multiple online sources, comprising of many of the well known classics and a few hidden gems.

A world from over 20 years ago of fluorescent lycra, anodizing, flex stems and the occasional disc wheel which is now gathering dust in many a garage.

Key features

  • 4 colour litho print on 120gsm uncoated art paper
  • H60 x W80cm



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